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Laser Indexing Systems

The AIT founders first implemented laser indexing in 1988 for the C-17 wing assembly and final fuselage assembly. Since then, AIT has designed, installed, and maintained over 30 additional laser indexing systems for aircraft assembly. AIT has integrated many different types and makes of lasers and has learned exactly what is critical to success. In addition, AIT has developed measurement devices, such as Boreline Sensors and Proximity Sensors, which can be customized for use in specific applications.

Real-time laser measurement replaces jigs for locating parts and identifies out-of tolerance conditions before errors occur. Real-time part-to-part indexing offers closer tolerances, more flexibility, superior access, and improved ergonomics compared to traditional hard tooling. This improved method of assembly is controlled using the GUI and/or joystick, making the system exceedingly user friendly.

See these projects for AIT laser indexing expertise:

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