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Large Scale Integration Projects

AIT has served as the full-scale systems integrator to some of the world’s preeminent Aerospace companies and cutting-edge projects. As a systems integrator, AIT brings together the component subsystems into one system and ensures that the subsystems function together as one.

With more automated alignment systems operational worldwide than any other company, AIT has gained vast experience in integrating the various systems required to build aircraft. AIT expertise spans a wide range of aircraft geometries, materials, and technologies.

Our expert coordination equates into a competitive advantage in time to market and cost containment for our Aerospace partners.

Learjet 85 Final Assembly Integrator - Bombardier

AIT was selected by Bombardier to design and fabricate bond molds, assembly jigs, and factory automation tools for the Learjet 85 program in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Queretaro, Mexico; and Wichita, Kansas. The Learjet 85 business jet utilizes substantial carbon fiber in much of the airplane structure, and AIT developed approximately 2,500 tools from carbon fiber and aluminum to produce details and to assemble flight component details.

787 Final Assembly Integrator - Boeing

As Prime Contractor/Integrator for the final assembly of the composite 787 Dreamliner in Everett, WA, AIT responded with several innovative solutions:

  • 2 automated assembly systems and 1 automated positioning system
  • Automated Circumferential Drilling Machine
  • Horizontal Stabilizer/Vertical Fin/ APU Installation Tool


787 Integrator Section 47/48 - Vought Aircraft Industries

Not only did AIT work with Vought to design a new factory flow for the 787 in Charleston, SC, but we also served as the Total Project Integrator for the 22-foot wide aft fuselage Section 47/48. In this context, we defined an entirely new process to build the aircraft in the 342,000-sqaure-foot building – substantially raising the bar in streamlined, economical manufacturing. The new layout included 16 fabrication and assembly cells to accommodate the Section 47/48 manufacturing process. AIT worked closely with Vought to ensure this massive undertaking was integrated with precision.


787 Systems/Facility Integrator - Global Aeronautica

As their facility integrator, AIT worked with Global Aeronautica to design the factory flow of their new 334,000-square-foot building, where they integrate, test, and apply surface finish to more than 60% of the 787 fuselage.

AIT served as facility integrator for the mid- and aft-body joins assembly lines, which encompassed joined Sections 43, 44, 45/11, 46 with Section 47/48. The integrator scope for the assembly line included seven separate positions, each with individual system integration components and transportation between. In its role, AIT provided turnkey integration, support, capital equipment, and automation for the entire process.


F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Final Assembly System – Lockheed Martin

Our work as prime contractor/integrator on the JSF Final Assembly brought together much of the core technology developed by AIT over more than a decade. The automated positioning and alignment system incorporated integrated laser tracking to facilitate aircraft structure alignment by locating parts and controlling aircraft geometry. AIT’s integration accelerated speed to market and competitive advantage from curtailed cycle and ramp-up times. This was the first project of its kind to be implemented at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth, TX, facility.

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