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Automated Systems For Part-To-Part Assembly

AIT has played an integral part in enabling part-to-part assembly of large aircraft subassemblies. The introduction of portable actuating devices, such as mobile pendants and joysticks as well as wireless technology, has allowed for precision subassembly manipulation anywhere in the assembly process.

The graphical user interface (GUI) with touchscreen control presents data more clearly and provides diagrams whenever possible for further simplification of tool operation. The GUI is designed and implemented to reflect the structure and status of the tool and its components. Its ease of use and display detail help greatly reduce assembly errors.

As a complement to the GUI, the joystick provides a means to closely view the fit of the subassemblies for interface and visual alignment while the aircraft subassemblies are being manipulated.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • LCD clearly showing the user what aircraft part has been selected for movement
  • Intuitive control to allow "directing" a subassembly in space
  • Touch of a button to enable joystick to adapt tosubassembly geometry
  • Multiple modes to allow transition, rotation, and jog moves
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