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Bombardier CSeries FAL

For the CSeries, Bombardier embarked on a new automated methodology to build its new single-aisle aircraft, naming AIT as its automated integration expert. For the assembly of this aircraft, AIT was contracted to develop several systems.

Cockpit Assembly

The cockpit assembly in Saint-Laurent comprises fixture, transport, and support tools for assembly of the cockpit before being joined with the forward fuselage in Mirabel.

Forward Fuselage Assembly

AIT developed four multi-product systems to build and assemble the forward fuselage section of the CSeries in Mirabel. The fuselage panels enable skins to be applied to individual sections and those to be manipulated or moved for drilling or other work before being assembled into the forward fuselage barrel.

Final Assembly Line (FAL)

For the FAL, AIT delivered three Automated Assembly Systems that join the forward, rear, and aft fuselages to the center fuselage, as well as the wings to the center wing box. The AIT systems include a combination of fixtures and automated alignment positioners for the final assembly and subassemblies, such as fuselage sections, wings, engines and fairings, through three automated assembly stations in the FAL. Also included with this system are two engine loaders as part of the assembly process.

For final assembly, all sections are delivered into the cell individually on fixtures by AGVs. The fuselage fixtures/assembly jig positioners are indexed to the floor while the wing positioning machines lift the wing support beam and move the wings to a pre-join staging position. The subassemblies are then automatically aligned to each other creating the completed structure.

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