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Services And Support/ Tooling Maintenance Programs

AIT is experienced with the requirements of supporting long-term tooling maintenance programs. In our current capacity, we are under a LTA with Triumph Aerostructures to completely maintain all tooling under five major aircraft programs, with the V-22 Empennage tooling being one of the major programs.

AIT is responsible for all of the following:

  • PTI (Periodic Tool Inspections): These include all laser tracker shots on all tools requiring digital data. All reworks are done at the time of the PTI, with customer approval.
  • Rework/ Repair
  • Tool Design Change Orders
  • Silicone Intensifier molds supporting bond mold process. All V-22 Empennage Caul fixtures are included in this as well.
  • Rotable Tool Inspect/ Store/ Repair: All Rotable/ shipping tools are inspected and stored for shipping requirements.
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